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New compact design of an internal combustion engine coupled with Stirling engine

The concept
The concept is a compact design of a internal combustion engine where the waist heat is used to run a Stirling engine. The internal combustion engine and the Stirling engine operate as a whole. There is a patent for only the concept stage which is finished. The engine should (could) reach an efficiency of +50%. There are a view variations of the concept.

The goal
The first goal is to develop a range extender that is competitive in the car market to come in 5-15 years.
Upcoming R&D stage
First of all the variations of the concept need refinements so that thermo dynamical analyses are possible and give clear answers. That will without any thought lead to technical research of details and design issues that need to be solved. After this the thermo dynamical analyses can be made and the variations can be optimized with that knowledge.
The need
There is a need of a university or research company that cane incorporate the development and is able to perform the upcoming R&D stage to a level that the next prototype stage can start after that. The incorporation means that there are of course also management, legal (patents, contracts) and funding issues to be met.

For any question you can contact Henk Bos at henk@henkbosweb.nl
You can find the patent information at http:www.henkbosweb.nl/motor.pdf

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